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Quality Policy

​​​​​​​ID 03

Rev. 00 OF 04.02.2019


The Quality Management System aims to be the organizational and management tool through which it guarantees and continuously improves customer satisfaction by offering solutions that are tailored to their needs.


With this in mind, GREEN INNOVATION 4.0 S.S.A undertakes to:


• promote the involvement and participation of all internal and external staff of the Organization;

• encourage the continuous improvement of quality by stimulating communication, monitoring activities that affect quality (non-conformity of the product, process and service, customer complaints, etc..) and activating appropriate corrective and preventive actions;

• ensure compliance with mandatory regulations;

• adopt a managerial approach oriented towards the development of human resources, based on the provision of training, continuous professional updating, correct allocation, development of skills and the use of information technology;

•  empower, involve and motivate all personnel by stimulating discussions and proactive relations with periodic meetings, group work and other activities;

• optimize business processes in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness;

• use qualified suppliers, contractors and collaborators who follow and embrace the values of the company's QMS.


 The achievement of these objectives is implemented through compliance with the mandatory and voluntary regulatory requirements which the company has agreed to.

This policy will be the constant reference, during periodic reviews, to assess the results achieved and to identify new ones, in line with the company's approach to continuous improvement.

GREEN INNOVATION 4.0 S.S.A promotes the dissemination of the policy among its staff, suppliers and customers. This Policy is distributed to all those who work for the Company and on its behalf: in addition to being published on the Company's website so that it is available to interested parties (public, customers, suppliers, etc.), it is distributed to all internal and external personnel.

The individual managers shall endeavour to implement and disclose this Policy.

The Management relies on the maximum commitment of all personnel in the pursuit of the company objectives and in the application of the provisions of the Manual and related documents.


Rivignano Teor, 11.02.2019



        ​​​​​​​​​Engr. Tonizzo Antonio